Who We Are

Scooter Lofton, with Treo Signature Homes, is a third generation Contractor who was taught from a very young age the importance of quality home construction. He and his team strive to craft quality homes in a timely manner. Their strategy is to be prepared, enter the project with a firm timeline, and to build a quality product in an exceptional time frame. Throughout the process, they aim to use the best subcontractors even if it means hiring them from areas outside of Horseshoe Bay. Working only with the best trades and partners, Treo Signature Homes has a reputation for making the construction process fast and efficient. Their strong work ethic, attention to detail, and “can do” attitude makes the building process run smoothly for the entire project team. They craft each home as if it were their own, and want the very best in functionality and quality.

While living in Houston, Scooter spent ten years working for the civil engineering firm, R.G. Miller Engineers, as a Site Representative. He oversaw and managed various types of construction projects ranging from amenity lakes, sanitary treatment plants, water treatment plants, to master planned communities. It was critical for projects to adhere to a strict timeline, which was a strength that Scooter brought to the table. Scooter’s goal is to bring the same attention to home building in Horseshoe Bay that he did in the major projects he oversaw in Houston and the surrounding areas.