How We Build


Our initial step in the construction process is deciding on a design for your home.  If you already have a complete set of home plans, we’ll be happy to work with those.  We also have home designers and architects who can carefully craft a home design to incorporate features you want in your home.

Determine a Budget

Now that you have a complete set of plans, it is time to determine your budget. Together with our vendors and contractors we will gather estimates and determine preliminary pricing for your home. This will be the time that you meet with our designer to pick the selections that will create the home you are dreaming of. Upon your approval of selections and budgets, we immediately start to schedule the building process.

Building Phase

During the building phase, Scooter will personally supervise the contractors and the vendors progress. Throughout the building phase, he will keep you updated on the status of your new home and will work to keep the project moving forward. Scooter will be constantly working with subcontractors, vendors, and inspectors to make sure that everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction.